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Parklife - Dark Side Of The Moon
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Music Escapades Kantinelia & Alkyone
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In Orbit Festival
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Greetings! I'm Nikos, a seasoned sound engineer, editor, and sound designer based in Greece. My journey in the world of audio began with studies at Papantonopoulou Film School, complemented by classical piano and music theory at the National Conservatory of Athens. Over the past 15 years, I've had the privilege of contributing my expertise to some of Greece's prominent radio stations, where I've played integral roles in broadcasting and producing engaging radio shows.

In 2019, I redirected my focus towards the dynamic realm of podcasts, a transition that has fueled my passion for sound in new and exciting ways. Beyond the technical aspects, I've also lent my voice to radio commercials and embraced voice acting opportunities for podcasts.

One of my proudest achievements is my involvement in editing and lending my voice to the iHeartRadio podcast titled "Outlaws - The Good Thief." This podcast not only captured the hearts of audiences but also achieved the remarkable feat of reaching the number one spot in charts both in the USA and Greece. It's a testament to the power of storytelling and the impact of a well-crafted sonic experience.

I am always enthusiastic about collaborating on new and exciting projects. Let's create something extraordinary together!



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